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Swix DAO is a blockchain-enabled property ecosystem with its own digital currency, community and monetary reward system.

Designed to disrupt traditional home ownership, SWIX users are developing a solution for the future sharing economy.

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Community Led

SWIX is led by a community of progressive world travellers who not only decide on the protocol’s development, but also govern the Community Treasury and its assets.

Community members receive exclusive voting rights through the SWIX token, which allow them to vote on governance proposals such as new destinations, properties, experiences and more!

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SWIX token is used to purchase stays and experiences with exclusive discounts, and to also receive more tokens as a reward on every purchase.

SWIX tokens are designed to sustain and enrich the community by giving holders unlimited access to the collection of SWIX properties, experiences and their monetary rewards.

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Earn passively from SWIX by simply staking its token to receive compounding rewards every 8 hours.

Staking allows participants to benefit from the movement of people, encouraging the long term holding of SWIX.

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Swix Eco-Living

SWIX cuts carbon emissions by reducing home energy consumption around the world, setting a new standard for property eco-efficiency.

SWIX will unlock Carbon Credits from its partner governments as reward for the volume of carbon offsetting generated by SWIX properties.

But how?

SWIX shares a vision with leading video game producers and Metaverse teams, to bring you the complete SWIX property collection in each of your favourite digital worlds. Users will be able to unlock, own and rent their properties to earn SWIX tokens and generate in-game revenues.

The SWIX token will allow you to redeem your favourite SWIX properties as soon as their respective NFT versions are completed.

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IDO "Initial Discord Offering" participation typeforms will be released in:

  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
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Entry will be available for 72 hours after the timer ends.

We have chosen a Fair Launch distribution mechanism to ensure that IDO tokens are distributed equally among community members.

The remaining required funds will be raised via an LBP event (“Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool”), hosted by Alchemist’s Copper Fair Launch protocol. The price to participate in the subsequent LBP round will be higher than that offered to IDO participants.

No pre-sales will be carried out.

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